Snowed Under

Work, fatigue, spam. Trying to make some time to give a more substantive response, and get this blog cleaned up a bit. You may have noticed the spam volume is crazy. Some comments I have for both Female and Sam on why we build roads in countries like Afghanistan, my views on corporatism vs capitalism, Conservative vs. Liberal on a left right spectrum.

Moving forward, if you want your posts to appear reliably, you’ll need to register and have one previous post approved. Sorry that sucks. I’m working on a better system. Otherwise your comments get held in moderation until I get to them. (24hours to 1week).


16 Responses to “Snowed Under”

  1. Female says:

    register? register?!! what’s this registration business. I won’t do it!

    wolfe obviously requires assistance running this blog so I’m taking over this thread. This is now the recommended music thread. Most of what I shall post will be australian music because it’s very damn fine.

    Below we have a very talented aus chick wearing traditional dress. Half of that is true. Your guess as to which.

  2. Female says:

    this is also another awesome song, it’s actually a remake of a Cold Chisel song but it sounds even better than the original.

    Sorry this is my favourite artist atm and I just need to share with every single person.

  3. Danny says:

    How do you register?

  4. Danny says:

    You kill me woman.

  5. Female says:

    literally or figuratively? It’s getting hard to tell in this thread.
    Don’t you have a song to recommend? Not even one?

  6. Female says:

    Hmm not bad not bad, obscure.

    Time for some dancing.

  7. Female says:

    nah you can’t swing your hips to chemical bros, that’s just jump up and down throw your body around music.

    I shall return with the goods.

  8. Female says:

    oh noes noes noes noes. I did swing classes last year but I had to “retire” due to not liking the music.

    This year I’ve been doing Brazilian samba classes, ie Rio carnival dancing. You visit Australia, you come to our showcase performance, yes feathers etc.
    I’m sure all men will enjoy this video.

  9. Female says:

    more noise from Sydney.

    Recommended AAA+++++++++++++++++

  10. Female says:


    I. Have. Been. Moderated.

    I canna take this insult.

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