Democrats want to enlarge boobies, rip off boobs

Or maybe not.

But no mistake, the open relay Democratic email forwarding system — that doesn’t even require users to prove they are human beings, let alone American citizens, has become a surprising new haven for spammers.

Like the researcher in the linked article, I’m kind of surprised. I’d have expected this level of incompetence with teh intertubes to be a Republican move, not one from the ascendant (for months to come, too), cash-rich Democrats. [Maybe they got their cash via 419 scams and cheap meds from Canada? This would explain a lot about health care…]

“Unfortunately, because they’re able to relay mail through the Democratic Party server, it does affect the Democratic Party’s IP reputation, as well as their domain sending reputation,” Jamie Tomasello, Cloudmark’s abuse operations manager, told The Register. “I was surprised.”

Being wolfe, I can’t resist a[nother] cheap shot. Yes, it does unfortunately affect the Democratic Party’s [IP] reputation. The Viagra, and “enlarge body parts” spams probably raise it.


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