Democrats reduced to Cannibalism.

Yes. Really. They are now trying to eat their political opponents.

AP (via Fox News — and seriously, Fox News is quite good at picking up the most interesting AP stories, regardless of your political leanings) reports:

Sheriff’s Capt. Frank O’Hanlon says about 100 people demonstrating in favor of health care reforms rallied Wednesday night at a Thousand Oaks street corner when one protester walked across the street to confront about 25 counter-demonstrators.

O’Hanlon says the man got into a fight and bit off half the left pinky of 65-year-old William Rice.

Granted, not all Democrats are cannibals. But even one is too many.

I thought the guys showing up to outside town hall meetings (not to the meetings themselves; this is a critical distinction) who were conspicuously armed were kind of nutty.


Well after the cannibal, and the beating of Kenneth Gladney by racist Democratic thugs enraged at Gladney being a black man who dared wander off the plantation, [1] I’m starting to think they might not be so crazy.


[1]It’s not clear to me that Mr. Gladney actually is a conservative; reading the news coverage carefully, he seemed simply to have been a merchant selling pro-conservative merchandise. Whatever his views, he sure didn’t deserve to be attacked, 5-on-1, by large racist Democratic thugs calling him the N-word,

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  1. Sam Adams says:

    As these kinds of events usually go, there’s more to the story than what is initially reported.

    Anyone who knows me knows that I take a decidedly conspiratorial perspective on politics, so it doesn’t surprise anyone I’ve spoken with that I believe these media events are seeded with provocateurs. I don’t know who is sending them out (FBI has been doing this sort of thing for decades), and I don’t quite know who stands to benefit, but ultimately the goal seems to be defaming angry citizens exercising their First Amendment right to protest government policies that are making their lives miserable and demand politicians be accountable for their crimes and unethical conduct.

    Incidentally, the thugs who attacked Kenneth Gladney are members of SEIU, the largest service union in the US. I really have no idea who’s behind this, but whatever the motive, it’s pretty despicable.

    Ordinarily I would be inclined to suggest the thugs weren’t really SEIU members but were plants to make the union look like a bunch of criminals using mafia tactics (not the first time this has ever happened), but the absence of any statement from SEIU condemning the attack makes be believe the story is true.

    Disgusting. And for me, personally disappointing. I used to be a member of SEIU, and despite the pusillanimous, self-serving and often criminal nature of unions today, I still believe labor needs unions for collective bargaining. But unions today are not serving the needs of labor. Nothing would make me happier than to see all unions dissolved and reorganized from scratch with new leadership. Without the leg-breaking criminals.

  2. wolfe says:

    Sorry Sam, I owe you a faster response. I’ve been transitioning back and forth between crutches and cane (They won’t let me carry a sword-cane in this state; bastards!) and scrambling to meet my teaching requirements.

    Don’t totally agree with your conspiracy perspective — I’m a big Occam’s razor man. That said, I am tilting to the belief that there are provocateurs in operation — from the left! (yeah I know that will make your head explode!)

    Check out this though:

    OK, there’s no grand conspiracy… I guess… but… where do you put that?

    “I still believe labor needs unions for collective bargaining”
    In a very very narrow way (that would no doubt annoy you) I agree. I’ve a post fermenting about unions vs management in my mind. I’ll try and pump it out and look forward to your views.

    “despite the pusillanimous, self-serving and often criminal nature of unions today,”
    Damn well put. You are a man of integrity. And words.

    We both want what’s best for America and the world. On that we can agree. Go us.


  3. Sparky says:

    I believe they were members. One of them got a boo boo on his toe from the scuffle and tried to file workman’s comp on it via the union.

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