Anger. Peace.

Helmand Cross, Copyright Michael Yon.

Helmand Cross, Copyright Michael Yon.

That’s what I feel on this day. Riffing off of Kathryn Lopez a bit.

I lost a friend on 9/11. I won’t mention her here, as she was a very private person. If you’re determined, that alone should be enough of a hint.

She was butchered by men who loath America.

And that’s that.

The way that George W. Bush, for all his terrible faults, responded to those attacks makes him a decent and liberal[*] person in my eyes. He smacked down, correctly, the idea that this was a war of Islam vs. the US. He smacked down, hard, the idea of engaging in racial or religious bigotry and pogroms.

I think Al Gore would have done exactly the same thing.

Which makes this an awesome country to live in.

May the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost Bless America today.

That piss you off? Too bad. It’s my faith. I extend to you this:

May your faith — whatever carries you through the day — even if it’s believing in nothing — expand and bless America today.

We are one people. One family. Of equal, heroic hearts, and crazily divergent beliefs. We love one another, and we stand for one another even when we dislike one another’s views.


[*]Damn. Liberal has a different meaning now that I’m back in the US.

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  1. Sparky says:

    Beautiful post and well said.

    My prayers always for anyone who lost someone they knew and loved on that day.

  2. Female says:

    lololols cute spam you got here, so very polite.

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