Rebuked. Good.

Joe Wilson owed not only the President an apology for shouting out “You lied!” — which he graciously, and, I think sincerely gave — he owed the House an apology.

He offended the House with his rude and uncivil behaviour. (And no, the fact that Democrats booed Bush during a joint session is also unacceptable, but it doesn’t excuse Wilson).

Having irritated Wilson supporters, I will now irritate Obama supporters.

Of course the President was being… how can I put this in the kindest possible way… he was being economical with the truth. And that’s not a good thing, nor, I think, is it a smart thing if Obama wants to change things the way Ronald Reagan did. Reagan succeeded precisely because of ‘Reagan Democrats’ — people who weren’t too crazy about the GOP, but agreed wholeheartedly with enough of Reagan’s agenda and appreciated his outreach to them.

President Obama appears to be abandoning (domestically) every element of outreach that he seemed to personify. Fair enough, but that may cost him in 2010 and 2012.

I’m coming to be genuinely very disturbed at this President’s domestic agenda. But I’m sure it’s because I hate highly educated people, elites, especially when they are black. That must be it.

Especially a highly educated man with an African dad and a mom who is white. Man, that’s just not right. No one should listen to people like that, obviously. [For new readers: that doesn’t merely describe our President; it describes me.]

That said, credit to the President for authorizing Celestial Balance. One terrorist dead; probably hundreds if not thousands of African lives saved. Good Job.

Mind you, the story I’m loving is this ingenious idea of Hannah Giles’ to do a prostitute/pimp sting on Acorn. The story has everything — sex, corrupt politicians, sleazy abuse of taxpayer’s funds, cheating on taxes, trafficking in sex slaves, illegal immigrants… and on, and on.

It even made The Daily Show last night and The New York Times (grudgingly, and finally) this morning.

As a result, Acorn (which Obama once represented as an attorney, and which had a whole series of links to him in his ‘community organizing’ days, and to which he paid $800,000 to ‘get out the vote’ last year) is damaged goods. The Census (thankfully) has ditched this criminal enterprise.

In reviewing Ms. Giles and James O’Keefe’s videos, I’m struck by how terribly corrupt and broken many of the people who work for Acorn seem to be.

As a human being, I sympathize with them. As a Christian, I can’t help but think “There but for the grace of God — and loving parents — go I”. As a human being, Christian, and a conservative taxpayer, I want them nowhere near the spigot of uncontrolled public money, and I don’t want them being ‘helped’, ‘counselled’, or ‘enabled’ by people who are similarly bereft of a moral compass.

There’s a tremendous malignity in the idea that all of these things — sexual slavery, prostitution, non-consensual promiscuity, tax evasion, pimping, etc. are simply “lifestyle choices” of equal value to any other “lifestyle choice”.

They aren’t.

All of these are wrong, malign, and corrupting.

And conservatives could say, not without merit, “See, I told you so.” Yet we were wrong about a lot of things too… and perhaps I’ll have more on that later.

More to follow. Nice to see Teri, Sparky posting. Must dash.

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  1. wolfe says:

    I’ll hastily add, since I just reread what I equally hastily dashed off… promiscuity, if executed with the consent of all involved, might be the only “lifestyle choice” that I list that theoretically isn’t malign, wrong, and corrupting.

    Even then, conservatively, I say “Hell, no”. But that might be one of those things about which I am mistaken. Still, linking in consensual promiscuity with sexual slavery is not entirely fair to the consensually promiscuous. Whoever they may be.


  2. wolfe says:

    @Sparky — your pastor’s daughter? Good for Doug! And Hannah!


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