Dark Beauty

No politics in this. Or at least as little as possible.

This is late for some of you, I’m sure, but it was new to me when I surfaced, back home.

Astonishingly beautiful sand animation, coupled with music, from the Ukraine. Perhaps the finest piece of performance art I have ever seen. I had thought that sand animation originated in Asia, but Wikipedia informs me, rightly or wrongly, that it is Canadian/American/Eastern European.

I hate to say it, but I find Joe Castillo’s performance of The Passion inferior to this.

And to think that this appeared on a reality tv show. Man. We need to work at our culture.


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  1. Danny says:

    And then the US decided to back out of its move to defend them against the Russians.

    Beautiful art…although I thought the last couple songs in the background were written here. Just remade by Finnish cello players. I’m a fan in either the original form or remade.

    (This video has some of your kin in it apparently.)


  2. wolfe says:

    @Danny indeed. But you know, Western powers abandoning commitments to Prague and Warsaw… what could possibly go wrong? I’m sure that’s never happened in history either, leaving Poland to the tender mercies of the Russian Bear.

    In fairness, the Administration seems to believe it can ‘have its cake and eat it’. They seem to believe that AEGIS-equipped destroyers (and perhaps cruisers) will suffice to defend against the current Iranian threat, and do so for several years to come.

    In addition, they believe they can fob off the Czechs and Poles with a few smiles, a speech, and perhaps occasional training deployment of Patriot missile batteries to Poland.

    And accrue the great benefits of cancelling what the Russians hate, and hopefully get their help with Iranian nuclear proliferation.

    It is conceivable for a fair-minded person of reasonable intellect to concur, but I respectfully don’t.

    That said, it really comes down to how you see the world: if you see the world in the way that John F. Kennedy or Winston Churchill, or either Roosevelt or Ronald Reagan saw it… or if you see the world as Jimmy Carter sees it.

    @Danny thanks for the videos. Good job recognizing Apocalyptica; I thought when I first ran across them that they were quite obscure, but I’m impressed at how many people have heard them. Not a giant metal fan (I’d be hard-pressed to name much from Metallica’s oeuvre) but I do rather like the cellos.

    I liked the wolves too.


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