A Different Time, I suppose

Copyright AP. Paul Vathis

Copyright AP. Paul Vathis

And it’s not simply the fault of evil liberals. I intensely disliked Bill Clinton in the late 90’s. I thought he besmirched the office of the Presidency. I thought he was a dishonorable liar. [Like there’s an honorable liar? -ed]. I was a little non-linear on Bill Clinton. but then the levels of hate that rose up around George W. Bush seemed… insane. Yet, in part, they were simply a reaction.

Mea culpa extends only so far. If Dan Quayle had stood up and shouted, Mussolini-style, “He betrayed this country”, I’d have changed the channel. The Democrats have become even crazier than the Republicans. And that’s some degree of crazy.

Just leave it at this. Barack Obama should think seriously about consulting Bill Clinton, and maybe even George H.W. Bush.

Oh and I like fedoras.


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